Central Croatia

Central Croatia is an area that makes a wide circle around the city of Zagreb. For many people, it is the most romantic part of the Croatian mainland because it is characterized by green hills, beautiful country manors and its many thermal springs that have been developed into thermal spas. Tuhelj Thermal Spa, Krapina Thermal Spa, St. Martin-on-the-Mura, and the Varaždin Thermal Spa all have respectable offers.  Newly remodeled and modern, adapted to the demands of a contemporary and ecology-conscious clientele, these spas offer a wide range of content. A portion of that offer includes activities related to MICE.


The main cities in this region are Krapina, Čakovec, Sisak, and above all, the Baroque city of Varaždin, whose architecture and interesting events are a magnet for tourists.

Ivo Biočina

Central Croatia also offers interesting tourist attractions, but it is equally suited for team-building programs, incentives and study trips. We mention the latter in light of the unique Museum of the Krapina Neanderthal Man in the city of Krapina that opened in 2010.  

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