Dalmatia - Dubrovnik

Dalmatia – Dubrovnik

Savour the oysters and mussels of Ston, the finest shellfish in the Adriatic, the eel and frog stew from the Neretva valley with some of the best wines from the south, such as Dingač and Postup from Pelješac and Pošip and Grk from Korčula, not to mention Dubrovnik’s malvasia from Konavle. And if you are looking for something sweet, simply indulge yourself with pastries like RožataKotonjata or Mantala cakes. 

Traditional gastronomic multiculturalism

Surveys and experience have shown that a great number of people around the world have not even heard of Croatia, however, they have heard of Dubrovnik. When people see Dubrovnik for the first time from an aeroplane, car or ship, the view of the city is permanently engraved in their memory. The incredible feeling of urban harmony, the strength of creation that has enabled man to finish the construction which nature began with the strong Mediterranean geomorphology, still amazes today as it did centuries ago and includes the wonder of survival which has serenely lived through wars, earthquakes, fires and epidemics.


The genius of the people of Dubrovnik has proved itself in all fields of human creation, including gastronomy. The solid, immovable city walls of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Republic had their counterpoint in the great mobility, the exploratory, trading and adventurous urges of Dubrovnik’s mariners and their fascinating fleets of elegant sailboats, in unparalleled individual historical epochs.


Along with all the benefits of the climate and land in the surroundings of Dubrovnik, on Pelješac and the islands, the sailors of Dubrovnik continuously brought seeds, seedlings, fruit and spices from exotic markets on their travels, also transferring culinary ideas from faraway regions. Culinary multiculturalism has been active in Dubrovnik for centuries. In the contemporary hospitality of this region this unique tradition is maintained to this day in the whole range from the rural cuisine of open-fire and grilled preparation of food that we find in Konavle villages to the most luxurious Adriatic restaurants with magnificent views of the city walls.



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