Dalmatia - Šibenik

Dalmatia - Šibenik

Cheese ripened in a lamb skin sack and the Drniš prosciutto, washed down with a glass of Babić red wine from Primošten are just the beginning of a festival of flavours in Šibenik. Sardines, fresh tuna, the kumbasice sausages from Skradin, a delicious pastry filled with a mixture of olives, figs and olive oil, or the desserts made with dry figs, jujube and almonds will delight your senses.

Gastronomic monument

The landscape of the Šibenik region is called a unique natural monument where man has created grade ‘A’ cultural monuments at the top of the world's list of heritage, such as Šibenik’s cathedral, the brilliant work of Juraj Dalmatinac (Giorgio da Sebenico). The region that spreads from the canyon, waterfalls and mouth of the River Krka to the Kornati archipelago is an area of the most beautiful and most carefully preserved national parks of Croatia. If the magic of the Croatian landscape needs to be depicted and experienced in one place, then Skradin, the town at the foot of the waterfalls of the Krka where the fresh water mixes with the Adriatic Sea, is a good choice. Mystics come here to meditate about the power of nature and the richest people in the world look for a secluded berth for their yachts, the likes of whom Bill Gates have done for years.


The gastronomy of this region is equally obsessive. It combines some of the oldest achievements not only of this region but of the human diet in general with dishes which are part of the most sought-after menus of the luxurious restaurants of the world. It is here that “mišni sir” (cheese matured in a sheepskin bag) which marks the very beginnings of cookery can still be found: milk which is naturally curdled in sheep’s skin made into a bag or wild oysters which man still enjoys today in the same way as a hundred thousand years ago: taking them from the sea, opening and slurping them with a sigh of sweet delight. Simply and precisely prepared grilled fish are offered in the same restaurants where the unique Skradin risotto, the one that is prepared for 12 hours like an alchemist’s ritual, and in which the meat breaks down and turns into a new gastronomic substance.



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