Lika - Karlovac

Lika - Karlovac

In addition to the well-known Lika potatoes, which have a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), you'll enjoy traditional lamb cooked under the embers in an iron bell, the slices of dried game, the Škripavac cheese or the distinctive Velebit honey. The plum and pear schnapps and berry liqueur are also highly appreciated locally, so are the fruits of the forest of blueberry and raspberries.

The region of untouched nature and rediscovered indigenous gastronomy

One of the least populated regions in Europe, through whose virgin landscape the motorway from continental parts of Croatia to the towns on the Adriatic Sea passes, perhaps the most beautiful and scenically most exciting part of contemporary roads in Europe, is an insufficiently discovered gastronomic paradise, where the traditional preparation of food is based on healthy ingredients and the ancient recipes of this region.


This region is a unique blend of sea and land which in close proximity offers a choice of sea and river fish (particularly trout, the gastronomic symbol of the region), which is an incredible tourist potential, not only in a gastronomic sense. The traditional gastronomy of this region is greatly connected to nature, and its mainstays are forest fruits and various river delicacies.


Lika is equally attractive in all seasons of the year. In the summer, this is a region of pleasant freshness, in winter a unique winter atmosphere, when the local population, particularly in the most remote mountainous regions of high snowfall, is separated from the world and normal communications. Such climatic conditions have also influenced the development of its very specific gastronomic culture, adapted to the seasonal conditions, and sometimes extreme weather conditions.


Since Lika borders Gorski Kotar, the gastronomic influences of the two regions are continually permeating. And Lika, just like Gorski Kotar, is a region of a long hunting tradition, therefore wild game is often featured on the menus of Lika cooking. It is most frequently prepared so that the meat of wild game, rabbit, deer or wild boar, stuffed with pancetta, is left for several days in a marinade, and then, with the addition of seasoning, it is cooked on a low heat and served with bread dumplings. During a stay in Lika you should definitely try the various types of local honey, from meadow to forest, which are made by the excellent beekeepers of Lika, known for choosing the best locations where they place their hives. Of the sweets of the menus of Lika the simplest will delight many people, prepared from just a few recognisable ingredients, such as Lika style little doughnuts - “uštipci”. The raised dough is fried briefly in hot oil and served sprinkled with caster sugar. Fans of homemade rakija should not miss the Lika style “šljivovica” plum brandy, prepared using traditional recipes of which the local people are extremely proud.


The people of Lika are extremely hospitable and will happily share everything that they have with visitors, from dried meat delicacies to polenta made with sour milk.


Since European motorcyclists are endeavouring to discover the charms of this less-known region, with its attractive landscape and original cuisine Lika is increasingly attracting these adventurers and connoisseurs whose ultimate goal is the hedonism of the undiscovered.



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