Central Croatia – mineral waters amongst the best in Europe

Central Croatia – mineral waters amongst the best in Europe

Central Croatia is part of continental Croatia in the basin of three rivers – the Sava, Drava and Mura, northwest of Zagreb, covered with old forests, vineyards and baroque castles.

Along with the mediaeval towns of Koprivnica, Varaždin and Čakovec there are numerous thermal springs, ideal for the raising and restoration of the energy of life.


The majority of the most famous and most renowned Croatian thermal springs and spas, of which by the quality of the mineral water they are listed in the top ten in Europe, are in fact located in Central Croatia. So by the quality of the thermal water the hot springs in the municipality of Topusko take third place, whilst those at Krapinske Toplice take sixth place in Europe.


In Topusko, located 70 km from Zagreb, the water of volcanic origin of a temperature from 68°C to 72°C at the source is suitable for the treatment and rehabilitation of the neural, muscular and locomotor systems.


The temperature of the thermal water from the four sources at Krapinske Toplice is between 39°C and 41°C. A whole range of medical programmes that the local spa institutions offer are based on the application of natural therapeutic means such as the mentioned hyperthermal water and naturally therapeutic mud – “fango”, along with a series of modern procedures of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Krapinske Toplice is also famous for its successful treatment of heart and vascular diseases, in other words high quality cardiology and cardiovascular surgery with a shorter period of hospitalisation.


The water at the Stubičke Toplice, known locally as Stubaki, is known for its high temperatures which at the source reach up to 69°C. Thanks to the chemical composition, which ensures exceptional beneficial properties, it is suitable for the treatment of the rheumatism of the joints and muscles, discopathy and posttraumatic conditions. Also on offer at the spa is a cryosauna, the treatment of exposing the body to extreme low temperatures from -110°C to -190°C, which positively affects the look of the skin and the raising of immunity and also supports weight loss.

Hrvoje Serdar

At Tuheljske Toplice, just 40 kilometres from Zagreb, at the very source of the thermal water and therapeutic mud, there is the largest bathing area in Croatia with more than 5,000 m2 of water areas. A visit to Tuheljske Toplice is recommended for those with inflammatory and chronic rheumatic ailments, particularly arthritis and sciatica, respiratory illnesses, gynaecological ailments and posttraumatic and postoperative conditions.


The town of Zabok is becoming increasingly more recognisable as a centre of excellence for sports medicine that also deals with the study of the mechanisms of the emergence of back pain and the causes of the transition of acute into chronic back pain.


Sveti Martin na Muri is a favourite destination of rich thermal water for professional and recreational sportsmen and women. It provides optimal rest throughout the year along with the enjoyment of sporting activities, especially golf, and also on offer are many holistic wellness programmes.


Varaždin is captivating with its outstanding monumental and artistic heritage, particularly the preserved and luxuriant baroque architectural complex of the town’s historical centre, and the gastronomic specialities, which, thanks to their exceptional quality, were heard about all the way to the choosy French court.

Varaždinske Toplice not far from Varaždin was recognised back in ancient times as a bathing destination with sulphurous thermal water under the title of Aquae Isaae. Today you can have top quality services of physical medicine and rehabilitation here. In the surroundings of Varaždin there is also a modernly equipped spa centre with five types of saunas – Turkish, aromatherapy and a classic Finnish sauna, a panoramic classic Finnish and infrared sauna.

Naftalan, Ivanić grad
Zoran Ožetski / Naftalan
Naftalan, Ivanić grad

In Ivanić-Grad there is a centre where successfully treated are skin diseases, inflammatory rheumatic diseases, and joint and spine diseases with the application of therapeutic natural mineral oil – naphthalan, the therapeutic benefits of which the global traveller of Croatian origin Marco Polo wrote about. Ivanić-Grad is, in fact, one of only two sites in the world where this natural therapeutic agent is found.


Daruvar, a town located in the hilly area at the foot of the Papuk mountain, 125 km from the capital of Zagreb, is proud of the spa resort which along with treatments based on the therapeutic thermal water and mineral mud that helps with sterility, is also developing wellness spa programmes and medical sports recreation and rehabilitation treatments which return the body to the desired shape.