Sail Another Day

Sail Another Day

What makes sailing an ideal holiday activity?

What does a typical day on a boat look like? It certainly depends on the type of boat, as well as your location. If you are in Croatia, there will be lots of opportunities to include various water activities into your day and create unforgettable memories.


In our opinion, the best way to start your day is waking up in one of the thousands of coves that the Croatian coastline is known for. If you can, wash your face by taking a dip in the sea, and drink your morning coffee overlooking the turquoise waters beneath your boat. This is the ideal way to start your day. If your itinerary requires you to cover a few miles in a day, make sure to do it at dawn, so you can fill your daily quota of sailing first thing in the morning and spend the rest of your day anchored in a beautiful cove.

If your boat is tied up in a marina or at a dock, we suggest joining all the lucky boaters already at sea as soon as you can. If you have a reason to stay in the harbour, we advise you to use those early morning hours when the coastal towns are still asleep for sightseeing, and avoid the crowds and heat.

Vjeko Begović
Having your morning coffee in some alley in a coastal town definitely has its charms.

Devote the rest of your day to the various activities Croatia has to offer, even if one of those activities is simply reading a book in the shade, interrupted by a sudden jump in the sea – you can do whatever you want with the time you have. If you are looking to make your stay on the boat more interesting, there are many options to choose from. Keep in mind that the sun is not as strong in the morning, which makes it perfect four outdoor activities.

Whether you prefer paddling on a SUP board, water skiing, deep-water soloing, or diving, those morning hours are the ideal time to do it.
Aleksandar Gospić
We also recommend staying on board for lunch, if you can. The delicious aromas of home cooking will improve your time spent sailing and save you some time you would otherwise spend looking for food on land. The afternoon is perfect for relaxing – or sailing, whichever you prefer. That is when the thermal winds are in full force, creating the ideal conditions to glide across the surface of the sea in complete silence.

As the day comes to a close, the activities die down, and those last moments of swimming before the sun drops below the horizon are always magical. We would also add that swimming does not have to be the last thing you do before going to bed – if you are adventurous enough, you can try night swimming in the warm sea, surrounded by glowing plankton... But that might be a bit too much in an already fun-filled day, so you can always try some “low-key” activities, such as a romantic dinner, since nights on the boat are usually spent outside.


Enjoying delicious food on the “decks” of restaurants for boaters is always a good idea, and depending on your location, you can also choose the type of entertainment that suits you best. You won’t be able to find any nighttime entertainment in the Kornati National Park, but if you find yourself near the city of Split or the island of Hvar, you won’t have any issues in that department.

Ivo Biočina
In any case, if you don’t get to do everything you planned for today, don’t worry – tomorrow is another day!