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Croatia – Winter Wonderland


Croatia – Winter Wonderland

As winter slowly approaches and the colours of autumn slowly fade, it is time to see why Croatia is Full of Magic in the winter. Whether you are looking to experience Advent in #MagicalZagreb, take in the snow-covered hillsides and mountain tops in #MagicalGorskiKotar or #MagicalLika, or head seaside to bask in the warm glow of the sun and enjoy a stroll and enjoy the mild and moderate temperatures along the Adriatic, we are sure you will find your Winter Wonderland.




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Winter also brings different traditional meals throughout the country, with special holiday meals, such as purica & mlinci, or sweets such as fritule, or even the local home-made čvarci, winter brings a vast tradition of food options that go amazingly well with mulled wine or any other seasonal beverage. Take part in a winter grape harvest or learn how to prepare traditional preserves, winter is full of magical flavours. Pssst - Istria is a good idea for the foodies amongst you!

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Croatia’s National Parks and Nature Parks take a magical turn in winter, and visiting Plitvice Lakes at this time of year is just as amazing as during the other seasons – but with an icicle, two or more adding some sparkle to the waterfalls and your photos. While the newly opened Medvedgrad Visitor Center is worth the advance reservation, as the view from above Zagreb is – you guessed it – magical!

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Whether you take in some of the lesser-known castles such as Sokolac Castle in Brinje or opt to walk the walls of Dubrovnik sans the crowds, Croatia is full of magical sights to be had as you explore its history, arts and culture. Split, Zadar and Šibenik have much to offer year-round, while taking the time to visit Slavonia – be it Đakovo and its amazing cathedral or one of Europe’s largest wine barrels in Erdut – we are sure you’ll take a little magic home with you.