Kvarner – the cradle of healthy breathing and healthy sleep

Kvarner – the cradle of healthy breathing and healthy sleep

When discussing health tourism, Kvarner has a reputation for inhalation therapies as well as all complex health services.

The clean air enriched with sea aerosol combined with the sun and mild Mediterranean climate and therapeutically effective vegetation is a winning combination for the development of health tourism in this region.


So, at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries climatic spas were opened in Opatija, Crikvenica, Veli and Mali Lošinj, on Rab and in the Gorski Kotar centres of Skrad and Delnice.

Their value was recognised by the then European nobles, emperors and international elites such as writers, actors, artists and wealthy people who came here for the beneficial effects of inhalation treatments, as well as a break from the kinds of stress of that time.

This is also recognised by citizens of many European countries today who, according to the claims of doctors, and due to the computerisation and modernisation of society do not breathe or sleep as well as they should.


After performing diagnostic procedures in the excellent diagnostic centres in Rijeka, you can fill your lungs and get activate in Kvarner via active tourist programmes such as running, walking or cycling on the slopes of Učka, in Gorski Kotar or on the islands of Krk, Rab, Cres and Lošinj.

On the island of Lošinj, where there are no allergens of plant origin in the aerosol, in an environment of totally clean first-class air and the mild stimulating climate which promotes the self-regulation of the body’s immune system and the cessation of inflammatory processes, breathing difficulties can be eased through imaginative weekly programmes and workshops for the treatment of the respiratory tracts and asthma, allergies and psoriasis. The mild winters and not overly hot summers along with the domineering effect of the sea and the abundance of plant species and exotic plants, which former sailors from Lošinj brought to this region from their travels, have helped Veli and Mali Lošinj to be declared historically as climatic spa resorts. Along with the traditional programme of lung rehabilitation in recent times anti-stress programmes have been developed as well as programmes for body cleansing, energy regeneration and physical vitality.

Hrvoje Serdar

Opatija, which was declared by the Austrian government as the first seaside spa and bathing area in the Adriatic in 1889, is a refined destination with more than 170 years of tourism tradition where a wonderful blend of laurel green, azure sea and enchanting peace is depicted.

Only the French Riviera can boast a longer tourist tradition than that of Opatija. Located in the shade of a bay at the foot of Učka, Opatija is imbued with history and elegance where the rich architectural heritage is intertwined with inspirational vegetation in parks with magnolias and camellias, the trademarks of this town.

In the field of wellness and well-being you really can find everything on the Opatija Riviera: from relaxing in pools of warm sea water, some of which have sea views, to Turkish baths, Finnish saunas, salt baths, ice fountains all the way to exotic massages with seashells and aromatherapy massages.

Opatija is a historical and significant destination of health tourism thanks to a long tradition of institutions that offer programmes from areas of thalassotherapy with the inhalation of sea water, underwater and vibrating massages, warm water baths, individual and group medical gymnastics, slimming treatments and body shaping plus electro and thermal-therapies.


Crikvenica, ancient name Ad Turres, once one of the key places on the Roman road from Italy to Dalmatia, today is a seaside resort with a series of almost urbanistically connected tourist places – Selce, Dramalj and Jadranovo. The development of organised tourism began back in 1888 with the construction of the first public bathing area and the first hotel with hydrotherapy in 1891. The clean air free from harmful allergens, smog or industrial dust along with the clean sea, dry, clear and warm summers and the mild climate with its healthy, locally-conditioned wind system, are beneficial to all those who suffer from breathing difficulties.

Today Crikvenica is known internationally for the institution for the treatment of respiratory organs and locomotor system and rehabilitation within which particular importance is attached to the use of the beneficial effects of seawater, and so hydro-kinesiotherapy is performed in a pool with warm seawater and in a Hubbard bath.

Ivo Biočina

The island of Rab, which has more than 2,470 sunny hours per year, is known for its extremely favourable microclimate conditions. The town of Rab was established during the Roman Empire, and it gained its present layout in the Middle Ages when it became an urban centre surrounded by walls.


Problems with sleeping, which a significant part of the world’s population has today, can be solved with programmes of healthy sleeping developed in picturesque Lovran and walks along the forest trails and a stay in the wide expanses of Gorski Kotar all year round. More than a half of Gorski Kotar, where man has only touched nature and surrendered to its dominance, is covered with forest. Due to its centuries-old highland forests, beautiful meadows, pastures, clear rivers and lakes, caves and mountain views they call it the Green Heart of Croatia.

Besides hikers and hunters, Gorski Kotar is also a destination for those who crave peace, quiet and raw nature.


Orthopaedic diagnostics and procedures can be effectively carried out in Matulji near Opatija and Lovran, and rehabilitation in the renowned centre in Selce near Crikvenica, where after several such procedures a great number of sportsmen and women from almost a hundred countries around the world have successfully recovered. Namely, Selce, the heart of the Crikvenica Riviera, is the ideal place for physical rehabilitation due to the microclimate with its many sunny days in which the clean mountain and sea air mix which ultimately enables a significantly shorter and more successful recovery.

Those on the other hand who want rehabilitation in natural conditions and out in the open, set off for the beneficial effects of the therapeutic mud on the beach of Melina in Šilo on the island of Krk, which in ancient times was known under the name of Insula Aurea - the Golden Isle. The island has an interesting landscape and a dynamic history plus a valuable historical piece of heritage in the form the Baška tablet, the most famous Croatian written document in the Glagolitic script and a monument of early Croatian literacy from 1100, as well as the famous wine sort of Vrbnik Žlahtina.


When speaking about health tourism in Kvarner, it should be mentioned that his region today is also the epicentre of the provision of dental services of all levels of complexity. Numerous certified dental polyclinics and dental centres offer a complete service and they stand out with the use of top materials and high quality expert staff, which makes them competitive on the European and global markets.